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Ramblings [May. 18th, 2006|02:59 am]
Miss A•M•B•E•R
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Jewel]

Couldn't sleep....so of course, I decided to grace LJ with my presence (& yes I have my sarcastic face on).

It's been one of those "blur" days...where everything runs together...except for the key *most important* parts.

While browsing my Myspace profile...I decided I needed a few new pictures, but I decided to take a few down....so I need to take new ones again. Some of the old ones are starting to irk me. I neeeed new ones, so that....I can new ones...I don't know *haha*.
I need more of he & I...because they make me the happiest

I'm on a Jewel music kick again, like when her first cd came out. It's odd. It seems like I always go back to the things that I truly like, even if I wander around for a bit. Wandering can be fun...but I like wandering in/on a general plane...

I got to talk to Michelle today...YaY. It had been soooo long. So if you read this Michelle..."Yay & we need to do that more often" *lol*.

Hmmm...(attempting to think of more things to write about)....

Today I craved a sappy movie & lots of bad for you food...like icecream (sugary death) & pizza (greasy death). I didn't get my sappy movie...but I did eat lots of bad for you food & watch hilarious old men being perverts on Dateline.

Sleep is kicking in...

Goodnight to all....